Emilia-Romagna Adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore the culinary heart of Italy through the eyes of a local, engaging all of your senses in an immersive, hands-on culinary journey? That experience, and so much more, is awaiting you on one of our Culinary Adventures! We will discover the secrets laying just beyond the cobblestone streets of charming Italian cities, bask in the history of a region rich in culinary traditions, see how the fresh, local products are made and get to cook alongside, create with, and learn from the artisans.

Our hands-on experience is truly unique, as I’ve met local experts that have become my friends. We will enjoy private B&B’s; fresh, local ingredients; and most importantly, get to know and learn from the people of Italy who have honed their crafts over generations. I can’t wait to show you the Italy that I’ve fallen in love with and experience with you the local ingredients that will make you cry.

We’ll spend glorious week exploring the region of Emilia-Romagna, immersing ourselves in the culinary roots. We will spend the days tasting small batch balsamic vinegar, indulging in the local fall produce, and sourcing ingredients to use in a series of hands on cooking classes led by Nancy and various local experts. We’ll visit a local ham factory, hunt truffles in the forest, and learn from our hostess, Elena, how to make the perfect tortolli. An entire day will be spent dedicated to cheese, Culatello, and wine—the trifecta of incredible, local yields of the area. We will learn the art of pasta making with the traditional local rolling pin (the mattarello), visit an olive oil mill, and delight in a tasting at a famous chocolatier. And what would a trip to Italy be without indulging in gelato?

Beyond our explorations the incredible culinary scene, we’ll connect to the rich Emilia-Romagna culture. When we are done enjoying apertivos at cozy cafes, we’ll visit historical bars, breathtaking castles, and trattorias on the piazza, where the local specialties and charm are the center of attention! We will visit an antiques market to discover the charming relics of the city, a ceramic laboratory to learn about the ancient craft of pottery, and stroll through a XIV century village with a fascinating history. We’ll sneak in some retail therapy, and enjoy a farewell dinner to recount the memories of all the people we’ve learned from and food we’ve seen, tasted, and cooked. Our time in Emilia-Romanga will be both educational and restorative, connecting the region’s food and history straight to your soul.


October 10-17th, 2018 Sold out

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