Holiday December 2018 Class

December 2018 Class


Maybe I should’ve have called this class a “celebration class” rather than a “holiday class.” This menu is so impressive and indulgent that it’s perfect for celebrating any occasion with family and friends! I remember going to the iconic Lawry’s restaurant in Los Angeles for special occasions; the waitresses with their impressive, white, starched aprons, majestically pushing the big, beautiful, silver carts over to the table, filled to the brim with roast beef. Yum! Although I don’t have a big, silver cart here at the house, this menu is still pretty impressive. I’ll give you some tips and tricks for making your holiday dinner almost effortless, and leaving you with plenty of time to celebrate with your loved ones. So, what are we cooking?

Shrimp Cakes w/ Red Pepper Aioli

These decadent little darlings are so flavorful! We toss them in Panko breadcrumbs and cook to a perfect crispy brown, and then serve them with a red pepper aioli. They are a delectable way to start your meal as either an appetizer or a first course.

Standing Rib Roast, Au Jus, Horseradish Sauce & Yorkshire Pudding

This is such an impressive piece of meat! Just looking at it makes you want to get your merry on. It’s a decadent dish, with the rich flavor provided by all the yummy fat, and also because it’s a bit pricey (so make sure you read all my tips and tricks to not overcook it). We serve it with a pan-dripping au jus, an awesome spicy horseradish cream sauce, and, of course, Yorkshire pudding to sop it all up!

English Trifle

This is my spin on a classic English holiday dessert. We combine amaretto, almonds, and pears, and serve them in adorable little mason jars to resemble little presents, the perfect way to end your festive feast!

May your holidays be merry and bright!