September 2016 Pizza Class

September 2016 Pizza Class


This recipe maintains all that is classic Caesar – fresh, crisp spears of Romaine topped with just the right blend of garlic and lemon in a light base, bringing the salad to life, complimenting the lettuce, not drowning it.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Caesar without being topped with savory homemade croutons that are beautiful in both appearance and in taste!  

One of my greatest pleasures is strolling the cobblestone streets of Italian cities in the morning.  The sites of Old World neighborhoods coming to life as the open-air markets begin to bustle in the new day.  By lunchtime, the thoughts of a perfect thin crust pizza are inescapable. As I stroll past pizzerias, the aroma of freshly baked dough is too much to resist.  One must simply stop, sit, and enjoy Italy’s most famous exports – pizza and a glass of vino!

You can replicate those pizzas at your home.  All you need is your oven, a pizza stone, and a few simple ingredients.  The pizza dough comes together very quickly in your food processor and bakes up into a beautifully thin crust that is crunchy, yet slightly chewy at the same time.  Top it with this simply divine tomato sauce that is so very easy you’ll be using it for all you pizza and pasta recipes!  Add a few simple toppings: ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and you’ll have  your own perfect Italian Marghertia pizza!  Delizioso!

There is a reason why they call life in Italy “La Dolce Viva” and nothing expresses that life better than Tiramisu.  I have sampled several renditions while traveling in Italy and have incorporated the best into this recipe.  Little clouds of marscapone cream tucked between layers of espresso