March 2017 Class

March 2017 Class

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Winter Vegetable Soup:  Winter, like summer, provides its own unique bounty of vegetables that are perfect for a warm, hearty winter soup that keeps the chill outside where it belongs.  A tasty blend of leeks, onions, carrots, butternut squash, turnips, canned tomatoes and kale in a smooth, savory broth.  Topping it with a garlic and parsley pistou gives a pop in taste and texture that makes it the perfect starter on a cold winter night!  

En Papillotes of Fish with Lemon & Greens:  The first time I had a papillote, I was in France.  When I broke into the paper, the escaping steam carried scents of wine, lemon and perfectly cooked fish.  I was at once overwhelmed and, quite frankly intoxicated by the smells and the promise of the deliciousness about to come.  “Papillotes” translates into “in paper”.  They are little packets of parchment with goodness folded inside.  The sorts of things can be ‘en papillote” are near limitless, but today we use a beautiful, firm whitefish topped with sundried tomatoes and preserved lemons.  

Preserved lemons is a well known secret, an unbelievably salty, sweet accent that gives a pop of citrus to any dish.  And the best part is that they last in your refrigerator for months!  Add some lemony dressed greens and you have a dish that is so easy to prepare, yet so, so elegant.

Chocolate Cheesecake:  Cheesecake is a family favorite.  I always make one for my husband’s birthday (I make two, actually)!  This recipe switches it up a bit; a dark chocolate cookie crust topped with a silky smooth, creamy, rich, chocolate cheese filling.  If you think this description is a mouthful, wait until you taste this dessert!  A simply decadent way to end a meal!