May 2017 Grilling Class

May 2017 Grilling Class

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One of the best parts of summer for me is being outside.  The shining sun warms the air, tans skin, and makes fresh fruits and vegetables grow colorful and sweet.  I live for those first tomatoes of the season. The long summer days draws us outside, where the grill is. Grilling is the best cooking method in the summer time. It keeps the heat and smoke out of the house, and produces a quick and delicious meal. The produce on this menu highlights this summertime bounty, whether you get yours from the market, a farm stand, or your own backyard garden, take advantage of this time of year and eat  your veggies. 

This menu has all the components that tie the promises of summer together:

Stuffed Summer Vegetables: Sweet peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash, stuffed with tasty tomato rice, and flavored with Pecorino-Romano cheese, pine nuts, and fresh basil. Served warm or room temperature, these beauties are the perfect way to start your meal or provide a perfect accompaniment that is both colorful and flavorful.

Garlic and Herb Marinated Steak with Tomato Relish: A satisfyingly spicy dry rub on the meat, complimented by a fresh cherry tomato and onion relish tossed with sundried tomatoes to give a sweetness highlighted with an acid punch that pairs perfectly with the smokiness of grilled meat.  

Who hasn’t lazed away a summer afternoon watching the clouds drift by?  Ever wonder what they taste like?  This dessert, inspired by summer’s clouds, borrows from the classic made in honor of Anna Pavolva, but jazzed up with chocolate chips, and topped with summertime berries and sweet cream.  Like the clouds, you'll find this dessert light and fluffy. For a moment, in your grasp.  The next gone; fading quickly like a summer day, soon to be a memory, but leaving a happy sweetness behind.

Happy Summer!