Nancy Madok

Nancy Madok


Making, preparing, and sharing food has always been important to me.  Even as a child, I loved being in the kitchen.  I thoroughly enjoyed preparing food and then sharing it with my family and friends…..seeing the expression on their faces when they tasted it, and how it could brighten their day and lift their spirits.  Food was a powerful means for me to connect with people.  So, it wasn't a big surprise when I wanted to attend the Culinary Institute of America.

I've had a wonderful varied career in the culinary arts, from time as a waitress, to a line cook, and a caterer.  I have also planned and organized banquets, weddings, and conferences.  I have taught cooking classes to busy moms and culinary aficionados.  

I have had the privilege to learn and work from some of the very best in the business, and in the process, traveled the world and explored various different ethnic cuisine's and culinary influences, which deeply shaped my approach to cooking and entertaining.  In the process, I found my true love: teaching what I have learned practicing the culinary arts, sharing with people the joy of cooking, and the connection and importance of good food in your family’s day-to-day life.

My cooking philosophy emphasize using local produce, fish, and meats whenever possible.  Each class is a menu structured around the season.  Included are a starter, main plate, and dessert, which all go together to make a 3-course meal or can be prepared separately as desired.  As a wife and mother of two, I try to make recipes that have a big "do ahead" component so they can work into your busy life and are excellent for entertaining. 

Though my cooking classes, I have gotten to share my experience as a cook and traveler. I love bringing home new ideas and recipes and sharing them.  Since you all can't come to my kitchen, I thought I would bring them to yours.

A Chef must think like a Scientist
Organise like an Accountant
Plate like an Artist
and Cook like a Grandma
            ~unknown source (but we love it)

  Happy Cooking!